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Fentanyl the ‘deadly drug’ is a KILLER

Health experts sent a letter to the government administration. They stated that thousands of people are dying from overdosing and for them to take immediate action. This by far the deadliest drug to ever hit the streets in the USA. The experts expressed to officials that this opioid needs immediate action because it represents an extraordinary public health challenge. The administration considered the requested letter but took no action because they failed to grasp how quickly fentanyl was creating a new opioid epidemic wave. Fentanyl the deadly drug This deadly drug is a synthetic opioid fifty (50) times more powerful ... Read more

Self drug test kits for use at home

Self drug test kits are proving to be very effective in controlling drug abuse. In the US and many cities around the world, the use of illicit substances amongst young adults is a growing issue that society is trying to curb. The main focus is on teens because they are in a phase of vulnerability as they are open to trying lots of different ways to get a ‘High’. It is at this age that they often try out drugs, alcohol and many other unsafe substances. Teenagers all over the world often believe that they are just trying out these drugs to ... Read more