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The dangers of workplace drug abuse

Workplace drug abuse Substance abuse in the workplace may not be evident, but statistically at least one of your employees will be abusing. The question is, what are you doing about it? Are you currently doing any testing? If you are, are you following a strict policy of no to drugs? The figures for substance abuse in the United States of America are astounding. Here are statistics from the American Council for Drug Education. 60% of the world’s illegal drugs are consumed by Americans. 2,000,000 Americans use heroin. 6,000,000 use cocaine. 18,000,000 suffer from alcohol abuse. 23,000,000 people use marijuana at least ... Read more

Learn more about substance abuse

Learn more about substance abuse Stuff you should know about illicit and prescription drugs. Abuse of drugs and alcohol is often painful for families and friends to endure. Testing an individual for abuse is straightforward. The list below outlines the most abused substances and from there you can find a suitable test. We have put together a list of commonly abused drugs showing their effects and symptoms. Moreover, we have provided links to products that detect these drugs. Nicotine Metabolites Cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine, is an analyte for the determination of tobacco usage. Nicotine can be detected in ... Read more

Signs of Opioid Abuse and How to Test For It

Opioid Abuse Prescription Opioid medications are relatively easy to obtain, as a result, opioid abuse has become a major problem in the United States, with prescription addiction being one of the biggest drug problems today. It is estimated that over 200 million prescriptions for opiates alone were dispensed in 2010. What is not understood is that prescription opiate abuse is far more likely to develop a heroin addiction than non-opiate abusers, one of the many reasons is heroin is far cheaper to buy. You may hear the terms Opiate or Opioid abuse, what’s the difference? Opiates are drugs naturally derived ... Read more