The Top Five Reasons why people choose cup drug test kits

The Top Five Reasons why people choose cup drug test kits.

Customers prefer cup test kits because the container and drug analysis are in one. They are less messy to handle and straightforward to use. The process is simple to administer with a qualitative “YES” or “NO” result similar to a pregnancy test.  These tests are used by many organizations in all sectors of industry and by parents at home.


Urine cup test kits are multi-drug screen urine devices that quickly identify if an individual is abusing illicit drugs or not. Every manufacturer has to get approval by submitting their design, together with specifications on its sensitivity and reliability to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Once approved, they receive a 510(K) number so it can be used for the purpose it was designed for.

Here are the Top Five Reasons why people choose cup drug test kits.

  1. They are clean and straightforward to use in any situation.
  2. The specimen analysis is automatic; results are quick and precise.
  3. The results are almost instant; it take between two to fours minutes for the result to fully develop.
  4. The device includes a specimen container; no additional cup is required because it comes with the test.
  5. They are very accurate, typically 99% accurate.

There are significant benefits to using a cup drug test kit, firstly, because the cup has a built-in urine temperature check, the administrator can immediately tell if the urine sample collected is within temperature; an important factor that raises a red flag when the urine is fake because it’s either too hot because it’s been heated up too much or too cold not, not heated enough.

Cup drug test kits are now a very affordable option to a dip card and because they are easy to use are becoming the favored option. They are available in many different configurations analyzing from five to sixteen drugs simultaneously, including alcohol in one device.

Testing with Cup Drug Test Kits.

The donor urinates directly into the container; the urine temperature is then checked to establish authenticity and is within a temperature range of 93 to 98F. The analysis on the side of the cup is then read followed by interpretation. Interpret the result by viewing the developing pinkish/red lines that appear on the face.

cup drug test kits

Customers have found it useful to check the integrity of the urine before testing for drugs by using a Specimen Validity Test. It’s useful because it analyzes a person’s sample to check it has not been masked to hide the signs of drug abuse.

Finally, each device includes a data sheet explaining what each device detects and how to correctly use it. We also provide a FREE Drug Screen Record Form for keeping a record of each test.

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