The Top Five Reasons why people use dip card drug test kits

The Top Five Reasons why people use dip card drug test kits.

Multi-Drug Screen Urine Dip Cards are the most popular method to establish substance abuse by rapidly analyzing an individual’s urine for drugs and drug metabolites.


Here are the Top Five Reasons why people use dip card drug test kits.

  1. The analysis is instant.
  2. They are very accurate, typically 99% accurate.
  3. The results are quick and easy to interpret.
  4. The unit cost per test is typically less than four dollars.
  5. They are easy to store and have a long shelf life.
  6. They are FDA cleared for use at home and in the workplace.

About Dip Card Drug Test Kits.

Dip card drug test kits require no previous knowledge to use. It only requires the addition of a clock for time monitoring, a specimen cup for holding a urine sample, and a thermometer for checking the temperature.

After dipping the tips of the card directly into a fresh urine sample, the urine is carried up the card into the testing area, where it analyzes the urine for drugs of abuse. The whole process takes two to three minutes, and the results appear on the device’s face.

Our customers have told us that using a Specimen Container and a Specimen Adulteration check together gives them the confidence that the correct results are accurate, which helps catch the cheaters.

‘Dip card drug test kits’ are supplied with instructions and information on the different drugs detected and cut-off levels. We produced guidelines to help you through the process, which include a step-by-step guide on testing and a test report form to document the result.

Supervisors have told us they prefer dip card test kits because they’re competitively priced, simple to use, very accurate, and straightforward to use.  The results they get are clear and concise and answers the question if a person has consumed illicit or prescription drugs or not. They know that the analysis produces a qualitative “YES” or “NO” answer, similar to a pregnancy test.  Any detected substances are apparent in minutes.

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