The Top Five Reasons why people use Oral drug test kits

The Top Five Reasons Why People Prefer Oral Drug Test Kits for Testing


Why Oral drug test kits are the prefered method when testing for drugs.

  1. The main advantage is they are cleaner,
  2. easier to administer,
  3. can be used almost anywhere,
  4. they are tamper-proof,
  5. and the donor cannot defeat or cheat the test.
  6. They can be used without FDA clearance.
Oral Drug Test Kits

E & I exempt: Here are three new products that meet this requirement.


Oral drug test kits detect illicit and prescription drugs by collecting oral fluids from the mouth using an absorbent pad. The pad once fully saturated is placed into the oral analyzer where the fluids are squeezed out for the analysis to begin. The whole process takes less than ten minutes to complete. The results of the analysis are displayed on the face of the device where the outcome will be clearly evident.

Major Benefits:

The major benefit of this kind of test is they are non-invasive and non-gender specific. As a result, they can be used in various situations and are well-suited when no bathroom facilities are available. The second major benefit is that the donor will find it hard to cheat the test. The final important benefit is they are cleaner to use as no urine is involved.

How long after ingenstion can a drug be detected?

The window of detection is typically one to three days after use, depending on the substance taken.

Is training required for using Oral drug test kits?

No training or specific equipment is required, and each test has built-in controls to safeguard a sufficient sample. The process is very simple: Remove the analyzer and absorbent sponge wand from the packaging. Place the sponge end of the wand into the mouth and rub along the gum line on both sides of the mouth, finally placing it under the tongue for three to five minutes. Once the time has elapsed, put the wand, sponge side down into the analyzer, and close the lid. Results will now start to develop taking around five minutes.

Each test is tamper-proof, meaning the donor cannot defeat the test and the results are 99% accurate.

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