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Where can I buy a drug test kit
Where can I buy a drug test kit | where can i buy a drug test kit for home | where can i buy a home

Where can I buy a drug test kit?

Where can I buy a drug test kit?

If you, like me had a situation where someone in the family had a drug problem, then where do you go and what do you to get help? My wife was drinking too much and taking pills. I started by searching the internet for answers but was going around in circles with misinformation and wrong advice. Doctors told me to send her to AA, hospitals said they could not help unless she was Baker Acted, and Alcoholics Anonymous was no use either because she didn’t want to go (in denial).

I observed violence, verbal abuse, denial and lying. I noticed a change in her behavior, she became introverted and untrustworthy. Only you will know if there is a change in your loved one’s personality. I’m no expert but a victim!

I was desperate to get her the help she needed. But that didn’t happen and as a consequence lost the one who was near and dear to me. I was devastated and frustrated that no one could point me in the right direction. Drug addiction is a terrible thing and difficult to understand particularly when you haven’t been in this situation before. If he or she does not want help then there is not a lot you can do, but you cannot give up trying as I did until the very end.

Since then I have discovered that there are places to go and things that can help, certainly in the early stages at any rate.

Where can I buy a drug test kit?

My research pointed me to many drug and alcohol testing devices which finally gave me the answers I needed.

I found out that cheap drug tests kits, the ones you find on eBay are typically inaccurate and unreliable. While you can still get drug tests at low prices here are some pointers:

  • Buy from a reputable company.
  • Buy from a company that only sells drug test kits–they are the experts and know what they are selling.
  • You can also buy from your local pharmacy. Invariably you get a fancy box with one test that costs upwards of $40.

What I did find was that you could buy something better for less $6 If you are not sure what drugs your loved one is abusing. I found a test that detected ten drugs at once. I investigated more and found it to be a test that was affordable and one that I could buy in small quantities. 10 panel drug kit.  It tested for common drugs like Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates (some prescribed medications) and Amphetamines. The great thing was it also tested for Methamphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Barbiturates, Methadone, Ecstasy, Phencyclidine. I was pleased to know that they were very accurate and would detect most of the commonly abused drugs out there. It was made in the USA and branded ProScreen.  It conformed to SAMHSA standards for sensitivity (cut-off levels), but it also had fewer false positives from common medicines.

I need to know where can I buy a drug test kit.

If you can get them to agree to taking a drug test then as least you have a base from where to start.

Many people go to their doctor to get help and advice of how to drug test their loved ones. But you can now find many different articles on drug test kits on-line without the need to consult them.

Drug testing at home is simple to administer providing you follow some simple guidelines. Remember if a friend or family member is taking drugs they will do whatever they can to not get caught. There is deceit, denial, they will lie and be secretive. I know I have been there.

I hope that this article can help you even a little bit and save your loved one from the addiction of drugs.


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