Why use drug test kits for drug abuse

Why use drug test kits? After all, nobody I know uses drugs.

Why use drug test kits?

Not testing an individual or employee for substance abuse may be the worst mistake you ever make. Here’s why..

June of 2007 saw the first real interest in drug testing at home and testing in the workplace. January 2008 also saw a spike.

In trying to understand this new interest, I did some research. Firstly I examined each state to see if state laws had any effect. New York and Utah showed the biggest interest while states such as New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nevada showed very little interest.

Back in 2004, there seemed to be a steady decrease in the need for workplace testing, but since January 2013 that decrease changed to a sharp increase.

It seems that employers are beginning to see that substance abuse is a serious problem and are again seeing the need to deploy a drug-free program in the workplace.

The cost of not having a drug free workplace can be substantial, figures show that the losses due to company theft, workplace accidents, days off work, loss in productivity and not forgetting worker’s comp claims have a big effect on your bottom line. Serious accidents to employees due to substance abuse are costing companies thousands of dollars each year.

Drug abuse awareness.

Why use drug test kits
Why use drug test kits on me when I’m Drug-Free?

Drug abuse awareness seems to be much the same across the United States but the implications for society and the workplace are devastating. The need for understanding why is generally low. What they don’t seem to understand is that for little money most of these costs can be averted.

Drug-related accidents are also on the increase. Since January 2012 workers’ comp claims have increased by 40%. In California worker’s comp claims have shown a big increase too. Likewise, substance abuse amongst teenagers is also on the increase particularly with drug-related automobile accidents and family-related violence.

Start saving money and test your employees.

With a little understanding and some simple rules, drug testing can be so affordable, and there has never been a better time to test your employees and know the truth about their habits. Improve that all-important bottom line and put a stop to substance abuse.

So why use drug test kits at all? Time and time again it has been proven that that testing individuals for signs of abuse significantly reduces crime, abuse, theft, days off work, claims for worker’s compensation, and the overall confidence that individuals are working without being under the influence.


You may ask yourself ‘why use drug test kits‘? Look around, are your employees absent too often, are there too many accidents in the workplace? At home do you see odd behavior from members in the family, have you heard that their friends have been experimenting with marijuana? Have you seen money go missing? Have you noticed that drugs from the medicine cabinet have gone missing? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is why you should testing them for ‘drugs of abuse’.

Don’t forget, we are not just talking about illicit drugs we are talking about abuse of prescription drugs too. These can all be tested by using low-cost drug test kits from Buy a Test Kit.com.

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